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Goat Cheese Mousse, Grape Jelly, Yuzu Curd, Basil Ice Cream

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Parkside restaurant is an awesome spot that we came across completely by accident while looking for a restaurant in downtown Austin, TX. Chef owner Shawn Cirkiel, together with Executive Chef Jeffrey Rhodes and Pastry Chef Steven Cak serve creative and sophisticated dishes such as this goat cheese mousse dessert in a relaxed, informal and friendly atmosphere. Recipe by Chef Cak.

Goat Cheese Mousse - Graham cake, Grape Jelly, Grape Sauce, Yuzu Curd, Yuzu Meringue and Basil Ice Cream. The airy goat cheese mousse pairs perfectly with the grape, yuzu and basil flavors. The grape flavor is presented in two textures: a spherical jelly and a sauce thickened with Ultra-tex 8. With the yuzu, Chef Cak made a curd and a modernist meringue


using Versawhip and Xanthan Gum. And finally the fresh basil flavor is contributed by the ice cream and fresh basil as garnish. The graham cake acts as the base of the dish and makes it truly delicious!

This goat cheese mousse dessert is a house favorite that is available on the regular menu and is a huge hit with folks who like to try new things. Thanks Chef Cak for creating this delicious concoction and sharing it with us! Photos by Erynn Patrick.



Yields 8-10 servings

Aerated Goat Cheese Ingredients

- 343.75g (12.13oz) Heavy Cream

- 113.5g (4oz) Buttermilk

- 125g (4.41oz) Honey

- 225g (7.94z) Goat Cheese

- 1.25g (0.04oz) Kosher Salt

- 1/2 Vanilla Bean

- 1/2 Gelatin Sheet, Bloomed

 Yuzu “Meringue” Base Ingredients

- 62.5g (2.21oz) Water

- 200g (7.05oz) Sugar

- 87.5g (3.09oz) Yuzu Juice

Yuzu Meringue Ingredients

- 100g (3.53oz) Base

- 1g (0.04oz) Versawhip

- 0.25g (0.01oz) Xanthan Gum

Graham Cake Ingredients

- 113g (4.66oz)  Butter

- 115g (4.06oz) Brown Sugar

- 55g (1.94oz) Eggs

- 35g (1.24oz) Honey

- 35g (1.24oz) Molasses

- 165g (5.82oz) All Purpose Flour

- 2.5g (0.09oz) Ginger, Ground

- 2.5g (0.09oz) Baking Soda

- 2.5g (0.09oz) Salt

- 137.5g (4.85oz) Greek Yogurt

Yuzu Curd Ingredients

- 63g (2.2oz) Yuzu Puree

- 69g (2.4oz) Sugar

- 75g (2.65oz) Yolks

- 75g (2.65oz) Butter, large dice

Basil Ice Cream Ingredients

- 1qt Cream

- 1qt Milk

- 50g (1.76oz) Basil Leaves

- 5g (0.18oz) Ice Cream Stabilizer

- 510g (18oz) Sugar

- 432.5g (15.26oz) Yolks

- 2.5g (0.09oz) Salt

Concord Grape Jelly Spheres Ingredients

- 1 heaping cup Concord Puree

- Yuzu Juice To Taste

- Simple Syrup To Taste

- 3 Gelatin Sheets, Bloomed

Concord Grape Sauce Ingredients

- 250g (8.82oz) Concord Grape Puree

- Yuzu Juice to Taste

- Simple Syrup to Taste

- 8.75g (0.31oz) Ultra-Tex 8

Garnish Ingredients

Several small basil leaves


Aerated Goat Cheese Preparation

1 - Place cheese, bloomed gelatin, and salt in a bowl.

2 - Combine cream, buttermilk, vanilla and honey in a pot and bring to a scald.

3 - Pour the hot liquid over the cheese, gelatin, and salt and whisk till homogenous.

4 - Pass batter through the iSi funnel and sieve and pour into a 1L iSi Whip.

5- Charge the 1L iSi Whip with 2 N2O charges and shake each time.

6 - Let set up in the refrigerator for 2hrs.

Yuzu Meringue Base Preparation

1 - Place ingredients in a blender and blend till sugar is dissolved.

2 - Store in a container.

Yuzu Meringue Preparation

1 - Weigh 100g base and place in a blender. Reserve.

2 - Weigh 1g Versa Whip and 0.25g Xanthan Gum.

3 - While blender is running on high speed stream in Versa Whip and Xanthan Gum. Let blend for one minute.

4 - Transfer solution to a mixer with a whisk attachment. Whip on high for three minutes.

5 - Pan spray one sheet of acetate and remove excess spray with a paper towel.

6 - Spread the whipped base with an offset spatula to a ¼” thick.

7 - Place in a dehydrator at 140°F (60°C) for approximately eight hours.

8 - Store in in sealed container with desiccant packets till ready to use.

Graham Cake Preparation

1 - Cream butter and sugar. Add eggs in stages and maintain emulsification. Add honey and molasses.

2 - Add half the dry ingredients and mix.

3 - Add your yogurt and mix.

4 - Add other half of dry ingredients and mix. Make sure batter isn’t broken.

5 - Line a 1/4 hotel pan with parchment and bake at 300°F (149°C) low fan for about 45 min.               

Yuzu Curd Preparation

1 - Place yuzu, sugar, and yolks in a bowl over a double boiler.

2 - Stir occasionally till curd thickens.

3 - Remove from heat and mount with butter (whisk softened butter into curd).

4 - Store in piping bag.

Basil Ice Cream Preparation

1- Steep cream, milk, and basil for 30min.

2- Strain.

3- Bring the infused dairy with half the sugar and ice cream stabilizer to 85 °C (185 °F) in a tall pot.

4- Then you mix the other half of the sugar with the yolks in a separate bowl. Add the salt.

5- Temper the hot dairy mixture into the bowl of yolks and sugar.

6- Pour back into the tall pot on a medium high flame and stir it till it reaches nappe or it coats the back of a spoon.

7- Cool and strain.

8- Follow your ice cream maker instructions.

Concord Grape Spheres Preparation

1 - Taste puree and adjust with yuzu and syrup.

2 - Melt gelatin with 10% of juice over a double boiler and combine with the other 90%. Strain.

3 - Use a squeeze bottle to fill a ½” sphere mold with the juice.

4 - Let set up in the fridge and remove from mold.

Concord Grape Sauce Preparation

1 - Taste the concord puree and adjust flavor with yuzu and syrup.

2 - Place in a blender and stream in UltraTex, then blend for one minute.

3 - Pass through a chinois and store in piping bag.


You do, of course, have creative license to assemble the dish in any manner that you’d like, but here is a general suggestion. It looks great either on a marble slab or another dark plate but also presents well on white.

1 – Pipe the yuzu curd onto each plate in a decorative fashion.

2 – Add a few drops of the concord sauce to the plate.

3 – Tear the cake into medium (2-3in) chunks and place a few chunks on your plate.

4 – Add a medium-sized ice cream quenelle nestled into the pieces of cake.

5 – Tuck a few of the grape jelly spheres around the edges of the cake and ice cream.

6 – Pipe a few dollops of aerated goat cheese around the plate, tucked into the cake.

7 – Top with pieces of the yuzu meringue and a few baby basil leaves.

8 – Serve immediately.