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Cranberry Bubbles Cosmo

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The cranberry bubbles are a great easy way to add a molecular gastronomy touch to the traditional cosmopolitan cocktail. The cranberry bubbles are made using the “bubbles with air pump” technique.

Ingredients for Cranberry Bubbles

- 380 g (13.4 oz) cranberry juice

- 1.5 g egg white powder (or 1 g Versawhip)

- 1 g Xanthan Gum (buy Xanthan Gum)




Cranberry Bubbles Cosmo1-Using immersion blender mix cranberry juice and egg white powder.

2- Add the Xanthan gum and mix again with immersion blender until completely dissolved.

3- Connect a clean PVC hose to a fish tank air pump and insert the other end in the mix.

4- Turn the pump on and let bubbles collect for a few minutes.

Assemble and Serve

1-Make your favorite Cosmopolitan cocktail.

2-With a slotted spoon collect some cranberry bubbles and place on top.

Cranberry Bubbles