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A Modernist Aviation with Roses and Tangerine Air

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Another modernist cocktail by our community member Leonardo Cappiello, bar manager at Just Cavalli in Milan. A modernist variation of the classic Aviation, a cocktail said to have been invented during the First World War in a circle of officers and a favorite of British pilots to commemorate fallen comrades in battle.

The classic aviation cocktail consists of 3.5 cl Gin, 1.5 cl maraschino juice and 1 cl lemon juice (shake and strain). But it is also said that the cocktail was invented by Hugo Ensslin, head bartender at the Hotel Wallick in New York, in the early twentieth century. Ensslin’s version adds 2 dashes of crème de violette, a hard to find liquor and usually substituted with creme Yvette, a proprietary liqueur made from parma

Modernist Aviation Cocktail (molecular mixology)

violet petals with blackberries, red raspberries, wild strawberries and cassis, honey, orange peel and vanilla.

Leonardo wants to propose another version inspired by another type of aviation. A luxurious aviation. In those days those who flew by plane to move were really rich so he imagines a few seats, crystal glasses, men and elegant women who sip this cocktail. “Each sip of this cocktail makes us fly to our dreams, to our passions.” Cappiello says.

Leonardo wanted to create a cocktail that is velvety soft so he used egg whites to make his modern version. He also replaced the creme yvette with pink roses because he thinks the rose is the flower that best represents the woman. And he finally ads a tangerine air for a modernist flair.


Cocktail Ingredients

- 40 ml of gin

- 20 ml of maraschino

- 15 ml of pink grapefruit juice

- 5/6 drops of angostura bitters

- 2 teaspoons of rose petal jam

- 30 ml pasteurized egg white

Garnish and Finish

- Tangerine essential oil

- Rose petals for garnish

Tangerine Air Ingredients

- 200 ml Tangerine juice

- 2 g soy lecithin.


Tangerine Air

1- Using an immersion blender, blend the soy lecithin and tangerine juice

2- To produce the tangerine air, you will have to lift the blender to the upper part of the liquid surface to incorporate as much air as possible so that a foam forms on the surface.

3- Once you have enough foam on the surface, let it rest of 1 minute so that the foam sets and the excess of liquid is eliminated.

4- Once you prepared the cocktail, proceed to remove the foam with a slotted spoon and place on top of the cocktail.

Modernist Aviation

1- Pour all ingredients in a Boston shaker.

2- Shake without ice for a few seconds...Add ice and shake for a few seconds.

3- Strain into a very cold glass.

4- Perfume with essential oils of tangerine. Spray on top or rub the edge of the glass.

5- Scoop some tangerine air on top.

6- Garnish with rose petals.